To ensure the safety of our customers and our team we operate a strict one in one out policy. Please wait behind the red line in the shop to be served. If there’s a queue please stand behind our 2 metre distance lines chalked out on the pavement. Customer service is important to us but in the current climate we will serve you quickly and politely and won’t distract you by chatting!  Please pay by contactless card only. To ensure as many of our customers can have bread the maximum is 2 loaves on the day.

It’s best to order bread for collection to avoid disappointment. Please order 2 days in advance before 11am and collect after 10am on the day. To place an order please email You’ll appreciate we are a small busy team and can’t always answer the phone.

If you are vulnerable and live locally we may be able to deliver in the afternoons. Please call 01603 764798,  leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Thanks for your support.

At this time we are currently baking our staple range of breads and pastries only. We have essentials such as milk, oat milk, butter and eggs to sell in the shop.

White sourdough 800g £3.90

Brown sourdough 800g £4.20

Multigrain sourdough tin  500g £3.40

Baguette 300g £2.00

White yeasted tin 400g £1.80

Wholewheat yeasted tin £1.80

Croissant £1.90

Pain au chocolat £2.30

Morning bun £2.50

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